Our Story

“I want to show women that their dreams can become a reality.” – Ecaterina Vistac

Ecaterina displayed signs of her passion in designing clothes from the time she was a young girl in the Rupublic of Moldova- a small, peaceful country nestled in Eastern Europe. The small dresses crafted for her childhood dolls then became larger costumes for her own professional dancing career. She had always dreamed of becoming a full-time designer, but those dreams were not realized until much later when she launched Le Parole in 2012.

We began at the first major fashion show in the Republic of Moldova and then continued on to shows across Europe. Having already sold over 5,000 dresses, this luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand has now spanned several countries and continues to stay true to the dreams of young Ecaterina and women across the globe.

Le Parole concentrates on using natural fabrics- a focus that has remained constant. French lace, authentic pearls, and fine leathers are no strangers to our design and production team. From luxurious weddings to a statement work day, Le Parole is committed to providing high-quality pieces that make each woman feel at her most beautiful.

Our Mission

Through a seamless production of charming dresses, Le Parole strives to make memories of your special occasion even more unforgettable with the perfect attire. We understand that a woman cannot feel truly beautiful until she feels truly herself- a confidence that is woven in the purpose of each dress.

Our Impact

Le Parole has always been grateful to the many people who have influenced us for the better. It is this gratitude that pushes us to give back. We commit to give percentages of our sales to serving organizations such as local animal shelters and young girls’ orphanages. It is together that real change is made, and Le Parole constantly seeks ways to support the communities around us.